Best Foods for Better Digestive Health

By: Julie Coburn

It’s hard for people to imagine what exactly goes on with the digestive system, and it’s a pretty complicated part of the body! It’s also one of the most sensitive and modern living doesn’t exactly help. Digestive health is one of the biggest problems many medical professionals have to deal with these days, and there are a good many reasons for this-however the main issue generally lies with a poor diet.

Knowing the best foods for better digestive health is key to improved digestive health and wellness.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains many beneficial bacteria that are essential for digestive health. If the word “bacteria” turns you off, don’t let it! These tiny micro-organisms, or probiotics,  live in your digestive system and contribute to many health improvements, including digestion, lower blood sugar, improved immune system, and even weight loss.

Keeping the balance of good to bad bacteria will certainly help towards a healthier digestive system overall. Eating about 6 ounces of Greek yogurt per day will not only help your digestive system fight off the bad bacteria, it will also act as a powerful probiotic and contains amino acids that will help get your metabolism going.


If you really want to treat your digestive system and the good bacteria it harbors, artichokes are the perfect way to go about this. This vegetable is full of nutrients that cannot be digested, which is why it’s referred to as a prebiotic, and undigested nutrients means food for the “good guys” in your digestive system.


It may not seem like the easiest word to pronounce, but this effervescent fermented tea is an excellent alternative to soda. Again, sticking with beneficial bacteria this drink could not be teeming with more of them and will actually coat your digestive tract. Kombucha is also a very good source of Vitamin B that will help energy levels.

Other Foods for Digestive Health

Of course, you cannot forget fiber! Many foods such as nuts, fruits and vegetables are all rich in this substance that will help your digestive health by moving materials through the digestive tract. It will also help with general colon health HOWEVER, bear in mind that you must make sure you drink plenty of fresh water if you intend to embark upon a high fiber diet. This is because fiber cannot be naturally digested by the human body without the aid of water.


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