Cheat Foods For Fat Loss

Imagine if you could eat the foods you love and still lose fat; cheat foods for fat loss sounds like a dream come true!  Fortunately, research has demonstrated that this dream is actually a reality, eating certain “cheat foods” at certain times can actually accelerate the burning of fat and weight loss.  While nutritionists and fitness professionals keep this information top secret, this article will show how cheat foods harness the power of leptin, a powerful fat burning hormone, to help you lose weight.

Cheat Foods For Fat Loss Defined

Cheat foods aren’t really “Cheat” foods, a better term may be “Treat” foods; they are actually foods we can’t eat everyday, but are your go to choices when you need a splurge.  While everyone’s cheat foods are different, common cheat foods include pizza, chicken wings, burgers, cookie and ice cream.  These cheat foods are poor choices for your everyday diet, but when strategically and periodically consumed, result in the production of Leptin, the number one fat burning hormone in your body!

Understanding Leptin

Leptin is a powerful hormone that is created through the breakdown of fat, circulating through the bloodstream sending important messages to the brain.  Most of these messages are information concerning energy production.  Your body’s feedback loop is so sophisticated that is provides the brain constant information about the amount of energy producing materials (ie: fat) on hand.  The brain processes this information and responds accordingly, sending signals to either eat more or to conserve as much energy as possible by sending the body into “starvation mode”, resulting in an increase in leptin production.

Cheat Foods For Fat Loss

As people diet, and reduce their fat intake, the body decreases the amount of leptin produced.  This decrease in leptin production alerts the brain to potential starvation.  As a result, the body attempts to restore leptin hormone levels to normal, healthy levels; resulting in eating more food.  Fortunately, nutritionists have discovered that eating cheat foods stimulates leptin production, resulting in increased leptin production levels.

Leptin is also closely connected to the body’s internal reward system. In other words, when leptin hormone levels dip below normal levels, the body views food as more rewarding – making it taste better, so we tend to overeat. Eating “cheat foods” while dieting keep the production of leptin levels at a normal level, reducing the urge to binge and overeat.

Supplement with Leptin For Fat Loss

Continued research into leptin and fat loss has demonstrated that supplementing with a high-quality leptin supplement bypasses the communication between the fat cells and the brain, providing  a fresh, consistent supply of leptin to the brain.  This keeps leptin levels at appropriate levels, taking the body out of starvation mode, and increasing your body’s ability to burn fat.

More information on Leptin, the hormone for weight control, is available in a free eBook,17 “Cheat” Foods That Burn Fat


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