Hormones for Digestion and Weight Loss

While there are several hormones for weight control, and several hormones for digestion, few hormones for digestion and weight loss are as popular or effective as Leptin.  When it was discovered in the early 90’s, leptin gave new hope for weight loss.  Leptin is a powerful hormone that is created in fat cells, and circulates through the bloodstream sending important signals to the brain.

As leptin travels to the brain, it communicates important information about the caloric needs of the body.  As the body burns calories, leptin typically provides the brain with a running tally of how much energy is stored in the body; this ensures proper caloric expenditure and established a normal metabolism.

Recent research has also demonstrated that probiotics, essential for healthy digestion and immune system function, assist with the creation and release of leptin.  This supports healthy digestion and encourages weight loss at the same time.

Probiotics become even more important as people diet.  As caloric intake is reduced, leptin production also decreases.   This decrease in leptin production signals the brain that the body needs more energy, resulting in the brain sending signals to eat more food.  Fortunately, probiotics seem to promote digestive health, curb hunger and assist with the production of leptin in the body.

Compounding the weight loss problem faced by millions, researchers have discovered that overweight people often experience leptin resistance, a phenomenon where the body overproduces leptin, only to have it under recognized by the brain.  This results already overweight and obese people feeling hungry and the body sending signals to eat more.

Probiotics have recently shed new hope for curbing leptin resistance. As probiotics support leptin production in the body, researchers now theorize that the same probiotics can also interrupt the cycle of leptin resistance.

Leptin For Weight Loss

Continued research into leptin  and hormones for digestion and weight control has demonstrated that supplementing with high-quality leptin and  probiotic supplements bypasses the communication between the fat cells and the brain, sending a fresh, consistent supply of leptin to the brain, this can result in weight loss while maintaining a strong, healthy digestive and immune system.  More information on Leptin, Probiotics and Hormones for Digestion and Weight Loss is available in a free eBook, The 30 Second Hormone Fix.

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