How Hormones Help Lose Weight

Ever wonder how hormones help lose weight? Cutting-edge research now demonstrates that you can control the release of leptin a hormones that helps lose weight,  It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, your body needs hormones for a variety of reasons; they affect the way we act, how we grow, and the speed of your metabolism. Leptin is a powerful hormone that is created in fat cells, and circulates through the bloodstream sending important weight control signals to the brain.

Understanding Hormones

A hormone is actually a chemical and is released into various cells in the body. This chemical acts as a message that is sent from one cell to another. This means your body will receive a message for cells to act in a certain way, much like receiving a telephone call providing you with a very important assignment.

What Do Hormones Do?

Without even realizing it, your body goes through a whole range of chemical reactions everyday and hormones play a huge part in this; effecting the way you feel emotionally, assisting with growth and development, and a huge range of other things. However, perhaps most interesting is that hormones affect metabolism, and this is where hormones can help you lose weight.

Your body is constantly sending signals to your brain. Perhaps the signal we are most aware of is whether or not we feel hungry. The body constantly sends signals telling you if you feel hungry or you’re full. For people who don’t find it hard to maintain a healthy weight, these signals are doing what they’re supposed to. However people that are overweight may have an imbalance in the hormones that control signals about hunger, resulting in conflicting messages sent to the brain.

Leptin to Lose Weight

Recent research demonstrates new hope for weight loss by harnessing the power of leptin. Leptin is a hormone created in your fat cells; it is then released into the bloodstream and makes its way to the brain. Once there, leptin tells your brain if you have enough energy stored in your fat cells. If there is enough, you don’t feel the need to eat, too little and you feel hungry. The trouble is when you start to lose weight, you lose fat; when you lose fat, leptin production slows dramatically. As you lose leptin, your body starts to send signals to the brain to store up on fat, causing you to feel hungry

Continued research into how leptin helps you lose weight demonstrates that supplementing with a high-quality leptin supplement bypasses the communication between the fat cells and the brain, sending a fresh, consistent supply of leptin to the brain. The brain is convinced that leptin levels are appropriate, taking the body out of starvation mode, and opening the door to dramatic, consistent weight loss.

More information on Leptin and How Hormones Help You Lose Weight is available in a free eBook, The 30 Second Hormone Fix.

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