Human Biology – Digestion and Nutrition

Human Biology - Digestion and NutritionDescription

The Digestion and Nutrition Student Edition book is one of ten volumes making up the Human Biology curriculum, an interdisciplinary and inquiry-based approach to the study of life science.

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This product was manufactured by CK-12 Foundation.

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3 Responses to Human Biology – Digestion and Nutrition

  1. S. McDonald "Bean babe"

    This is well written. It will be used as a resource for myself and sharing basic information when I am doing discharge instructions to my surgical patients, especially those who have had abdominal surgeries or endoscopy or colonoscopy. So many people do not understand how we can be so over-fed and ill…it starts with good nutrition and then good digestion but must not forget good, regular elimination. Having books on Kindle makes it possible to tote it with you and not get a shoulder ache like when I went to college with 2 book bags!

  2. I had not followed the digestion process in a long time and this book told it simplicity. With this information I understand what happens when I overeat.

  3. A great book to add to my studies of personal nutrition. I am enjoying this eBook immensely and I recommend it to anyone who is studying how their body reacts to specific foods and why. Science and nutrition go hand-in-hand and cannot be separated. Thus the importance of understanding of nutrition as it relates to human physiology. Well written, easy to understand with plenty of good and functional information. Definitely a "must read" book for any one wanting to know the science behind nutrition. Highly recommend!