Probiotics For Weight Loss and Flawless Skin

Probiotics are the good bacteria that keep your digestive system functioning at a healthy level.  Found in yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi, these tiny bacteria also ensure that harmful bacteria and germs are kept in check, supporting immune system health as well.

New studies also show that probiotics could also help you lose weight and improve skin health.

Probiotics for Weight Loss

Information released by the British Journal of Nutrition demonstrates that people supplementing with probiotics demonstrated greater weight loss when compared to those not taking probiotics.  The study also indicated that those supplementing with probiotics demonstrated a reduced presence of bacteria that has been associated with weight gain and obesity.

Interestingly, the research seems to indicate that probiotics effects weight loss by making the walls of the intestinal tract less permeable, making it harder for the fats, sugars, and chemicals associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes to enter the blood and affect the body.

Probiotics for Skin Health

Research is also demonstrating that probiotics may also be beneficial in improving skin health and protecting against skin conditions associated with aging.

In fact, regular consumption of probiotics has been associated with a number of skin-related health benefits, including decreased incidence and severity of acne, blemishes, eczema, and other skin-related conditions.

Some dermatologists and probiotics experts believe the health benefits associated with skin improvement are a result of the good bacteria’s ability to improve the skin’s ability to defend against harmful effects of free radicals and harmful bacteria.

While skin health benefits are improved when probiotics are consumed, new research demonstrates similar benefits when probiotics are applied directly to the skin.  Many people even make yogurt-based face washes and scrubs to improve the skin cell’s direct access to probiotics.


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