Top Health Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics are a great way to improve health and lose weight.  Probiotics are the “good” bacteria that you can find most commonly in foods such as milk, yogurt, and cheeses.  But the healthy gut bacteria can also be found in foods like artichokes, soy, bananas, onions, and garlic.  Including these foods into your diet can strengthen your immune system and help with digestion. Studies have also found that probiotics can also help with anxiety, eczema, weight loss, blood sugar, and even dental issues.

What Are Probiotics?

The two most common probiotics seen in foods include the species lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.  Probiotics are live organisms that live mostly in the digestive tract and aid in the process of digesting foods.  These bacteria and yeast organisms are one of the many different kinds of bacteria in the body. When these good bacteria are outnumbered by damaging bacteria, probiotic-filled foods or supplements are needed to balance the intestines.

Taking antibiotics, having diarrhea or a chronic digestive health issues can all disrupt this natural balance. By ingesting foods and or supplements with probiotics your body can maintain a balance within your intestines and improve the overall integrity of your digestive system.

Choosing the Correct Probiotics

With the number of different health benefits provided by probiotics, it important to know which foods to eat and how much for the best results for your personal problems. Whether its weight loss, digestion issues, skin care or mental wellness, different probiotics can help you accomplish each of these. When selecting the best probiotics for you:

1.       Use common sense– Choose foods with probiotics by reading the label. Do not choose foods that need to be cooked or heated up. Always check for expiration dates and freshness to ensure the amount of probiotics is actually what you are getting.

2.       Check the CFU’s (colony forming units)– This measurement allows you to see how many live bacteria are in the food you are eating. Choosing a number relatively high such as 1 million CFU per day is recommended.

3.       Research your type of probiotic- Knowing which bacteria is used to help with different symptoms can make you reach your optimal goal of a healthier lifestyle faster.  Knowing what the names of certain bacteria are also important in the shopping process.

Know the Benefits

By ingesting foods that are rich in probiotics you can increase your overall health in a number of ways.  Examples of these foods include cheeses, yogurt, Kefir, kimchi, fermented vegetables, and miso. The probiotics in these foods can help address the  following health issues:

·         Bacterial infections

·         Chronic fatigue

·         Diarrhea

·         Weight loss

·         Blood Pressure

·         Cholesterol

·         Eczema

When choosing the right food and or supplement, probiotics can ensure the balance of these live organisms for overall wellness and health.  The benefits are overwhelming and scientists keep finding more.

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