Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Sports Nutrition Supplement, 44-Count

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Sports Nutrition Supplement, 44-CountDescription

Nothing comes close to Universal’s Animal Pak, the Ultimate Training Pak. There’s no better nutritional weapon to fuel intense workouts than Animal Pak. Pro bodybuilders, elite powerlifters and world-class athletes swear by the Animal Pak for the following reasons: Enhanced endurance, Increased energy, Protein metabolism, Anabolic nutrients, and Optimum results. Loaded with the most advanced


  • Case of 44 packets of sports nutrition supplement
  • With a powerful combination of vital mineral complexes, lipotropics, digestive enzymes, BCAAs, and essential fatty acids
  • Helps naturally enhance the body’s ability to increase anabolic hormone levels; an ideal pre-workout supplement for intense workouts
  • Enhances endurance and increases energy
  • Includes no sugar, starch, artificial preservatives, or colors

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This product was manufactured by Universal Nutrition.

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3 Responses to Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Sports Nutrition Supplement, 44-Count

  1. I’m a lifelong heavy lifter and Animal Pak fills every last nutritional hole I can think of, and then some. Aminos. Vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants. Digestive support. Natural energy. Throw in some of their creatine, Pumps, ZMA, and protein and my stack is complete (well, almost… I still replace their Cuts with since it helps me lean out a lot easier). And I DEFINITELY feel when the Pak isn’t there too, because everything suffers. Strength, recovery, stamina, all of it. Especially recovery.

  2. This is a great product. Instead of the full dose, I have split it up down the middle so that I can take the supplements twice as long (read half the cost.) Since my workouts aren’t too intense, I feel this is a much better method then just taking the whole amount when I am not a professional body builder.

  3. To get maximum results, take a “pak” 2 hours before a work out. I’ve experimented with the timing, and have discovered that allowing 2 hours minimum will get the job done. Drinking a ton of water is a must. Also, if you aren’t Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler 1 pak a day is more then enough. The instructs on the back are meant for professional body builders and not the average Joe.